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Defined Jawline

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On your first meeting with a stranger, the first thing they notice about you is your face. That’s not surprising in the contemporary world as we are preoccupied with wanting to look our best.

According to a study published on The Royal Society website, attractiveness plays a vital role in how humans interact with each other. We often judge people we meet based on their looks.

Studies have also revealed that women prefer men with a strong and well-defined jawline. Just think about what best celebrities and footballers have in common- from Superman, Cristiano Ronaldo to Keanu Reeves.

As we age, the shape of our faces changes. Your jawline will become less defined thanks to the extra fat tissue in the neck and jaw area. Your muscles will also shrink resulting in changes in facial structure.

While it’s almost impossible to fight genetics or aging, there are some things you can incorporate in your daily routine to improve the appearance of your jawline. Exercising jawline muscles will help you not only strengthen them but also make give you a chiseled jawline. One of the best methods involves the use of jawline exercise balls. In this guide, we’re going to review some of the best jawline exercise balls on the market today.

Best Jaw Workout Balls Reviews

Jawzrsize Jawline Exerciser and Neck Toning

Jawzrsize jawline exercise balls have been dubbed as the new noninvasive facelift of the 21st century that will give your facial muscle a workout of their life, define your jawline and to some extent regrow your hair.

The product is made of polyurethane and silicone, and it’s designed to be put in your mouth and chewed repeatedly. Consider Jawzrsize as a mini-gym for your mouth. It was inspired by the founder who, after a fatal motorcycle crash saw the need to train his jaw muscles in order to regain his motion.

Jawzrsize not only helped him in his recovery journey but also enabled him to get a defined jawline, increase metabolism, and helped in overall focus. This small gadget trains your important yet forgotten masseter muscles.

Best Jawline Exercise Balls
Photo Credit: Jawzrsize Website

Who can use Jawzrsize jawline balls?

  • Anyone who wants to tone and strengthen their facial muscles
  • Athletes who wish to strengthen their primal muscles and improve mind-muscle connection
  • Anyone looking to reduce double chin and achieve a slimmer face
  • Males who want distinctive masculine jawline
  • For females who want to tone and active their facial muscles for a younger appearance

How to Fit and Use Jawzrsize Exerciser Balls

Jawzrsize comes with four resistance levels for everyone ranging from beginner to pro-athletes.

The beginner resistance level is the softest setting while professional athlete has the toughest setting. The beginner setting has the right amount of resistance ideal for anyone who’s never done facial and neck workouts before and helps in strengthening and slimming the jaw and chin.

The intermediate setting helps bring out muscle definition in the jaw and get rid of excess fat under the chin. This level also helps to strengthen your bite. The advanced level helps in slimming and tightening the face while elite setting gives results that can never be achieved with temporary fillers.

  • Place Jawzrsize in your mouth to get the feel on how wide you should open your mouth
  • Place the ball with biting strips in boiling water for about 25 seconds
  • Remove from boiling water and shake off excess water, don’t wait for it to cool for long
  • Place your thumb through the hole and adjust it so that you bite down on the strips
  • Now bite and hold for about 20 seconds so that the mouthpiece fits the contours of your mouth
  • Remove the gadget from your mouth; place it in cold water to permanently set imprints.

Jawzrsize comes in 13 different colors that you can choose from. They include blue, black, yellow, gray, cyan, green, military green, magenta, mint, white, red, purple, and orange.

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JawlineMe –Fitness Ball & Facial Toner

JawlineMe Fitness Ball is a facial workout ball and toner designed to help you strengthen and tone your facial muscles. You only need to exercise your facial muscles for about 10-15 minutes daily to start seeing noticeable differences, and with sufficient training, proper diet, and rest, your facial muscles will take their proper form like any other muscles and grow in time.

JawlineMe- Best Jawline Exercise balls
JawlineMe –Fitness Ball & Facial Toner

Photo Credit: JawlineMe website

Designed similarly to Jawzrsize, JawlineMe comes with varied resistance to help you activate all your facial muscles and assist you in getting that perfect jawline.  And because this is a handsfree workout tool, you can exercise anywhere, at home before going to work, cooking, in your car, or front of the computers. You can exercise literary everywhere you go.

GIF showing how to use Jawline Me Exercise balls
How to use JawlineMe for jawline exercises

JawlineMe comes with three resistance levels as follows:

  • Blue Level 1 – 40lbs of resistance
  • Red Level 2- 50lbs of resistance
  • Black Level 3- 60lbs of resistance

If your facial muscles aren’t used this kind of training, its highly advised your start with the lowest level of resistance to warm up your muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

How to use JawlineMe Facial Fitness Ball

Using JawlineMe doesn’t have to be complicated. Put it inside your mouth and gently place your teeth within the bite strip. If you feel that it doesn’t fit well, there’s a way you can improvise.

Put JawlineMe in boiling water for about 10 seconds, remove and rinse excess water and then put it back in your mouth and bite the strips so that they form after your teeth for ultimate comfort.

Just like normal body workout, it’s recommended you start with the lowest resistance level and slowly work yourself through all the resistance levels. You can work out daily or every other day for best results.

To measure your progress, take a clear portrait photo of yourself before you begin the facial training. Then after 1-2 months of daily exercising, take another photo and see the improvements in your jawline.

How Does JawlineMe Fitness Ball Work?

JawlineMe exercises balls help activate all neck and facial muscles. However, the two main activated muscles are the Temporalis and Masseter muscles, which play an essential role in our facial appearance.

Frequent masseter and temporalis muscle workouts will give you a defined facial appearance and make you more chiseled. Anyone men and women can use this product over 15 years old. It’s advised you consult first with your doctor/dentist before you start using any jawline exercise balls.

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Chisell is a revolutionary gadget that helps you define and shape your jawline. While it’s not a jawline exercise ball, it’s something that will help you improve your biting pressure while at the same time redefining your jawline’s shape and you only to use Chisell few minutes daily to achieve that Hollywood muscular jawline that women will find irresistible.

chisell jawline exerciser
Photo credit: Chisell official website

While the idea of redefining jawline is still in its early stage, various devices have been designed to help you get a defined jawline, and one of those popular tools is Chisell, which provides other benefits apart from well-shaped cheekbones.

Chisell is available in a packaged Black metal tin that measures 6.0cm x 5.0cm x 1.5cm and weighs 22G. The device itself measures 2.5cm x 1.0cm x 1.5cm, and each piece has multiple holes, which allows the user to chomp down as they act in a spring motion.

The product has varying biting resistance levels, and colors are available as well.

  • Light bite= 90lbs (40kgs) resistance
  • Regular bite= 150 lbs (70kgs) regular bite
  • Tough bite 210 lbs (95kgs) tough bite

How to use Chisell for the first time.

Before you throw these into your gob and start chewing, there’s a little thing you need to do. Wash them in water or mouthwash. You’ll need to wash them every time before you start chewing.

There are a few exercises you can do with this tiny device. Each one is designed to increase both the width and the strength of your jawline muscles. First, you’ll need to chew in a straight motion (up and down) without chewing in a circular motion. Below are the exercises you should do 3-5 times a day.

best jawline exercise balls
How to use Chisell for jawline exercises and mewing.
  • Clampdown fully and hold for about 2 seconds and then release. Repeat this for about 2 minutes
  • Clampdown fast for without hold approximately 50 times
  • Squeeze and hold for about 30 seconds and then release

You should perform these exercises for two days and rest on the third day, and the cycle continues.

The man behind this incredible product is Dmitri, after years of frustrations, not find a suitable product for improving jawline. Dmitri wanted a well-defined jawline, but there wasn’t any gadget on the market to help him achieve his goal. After intensive, he discovered the secret to a well-defined jawline lies with the jawline muscles. If you stress the masseter muscles you can achieve a chiseled jawline. As a result, Dmitri designed an FDA approved jawline exerciser that promises significant results.

The Best Jawline Exercise Balls Alternatives

If you feel that jawline exercise balls are not the best for you, below are some of our recommended alternatives you should try today.

a)   Facial Flex

Facial Flex was initially created for facial rehabilitation to strengthen oral muscles but soon became a method of delivering facial and neck fitness. It’s a non-invasive facelift that gives your chin, face, and neck a proper workout.

This device is FDA-registered Class 1 medical device and a Jawzrsize and JawlineMe fierce competitor. It helps in reducing wrinkles through tightening the skin, tones the face, and gives you’re a detailed jawline by working 30 muscles in the face including masseter and other important facial muscles.

In addition, Facial Flex not only helps in giving you a well-defined jawline but also helps in easing the discomforts caused by dental conditions and helps in recovery from surgical procedures.  Though marketed as a beauty tool, Facial Flex is a vital exercise tool for both men and women.

b)   Jawfit Jaw Exerciser

Jawfit is a device designed to give you multiple benefits. Unlike exercise balls that tone and strengthen facial muscles, Jawfit goes the extra mile to help reduce double chin, help in minimizing mouth only breathing, help in chewing issues, realign facial symmetry, and helps in correcting facial and mouth problems.

c)    Facial Fitness Pao

Another great alternative jawline exerciser is the Facial Fitness designed by Japanese brand PAO. While there’s not much information about this tiny magical facial fitness device online, a handful of users swear by PAO with one user stating that it “works like a facelift- kinda weird but works great!”

Facial Fitness is available in black or white and comes with a handful of weighted beads that can be replaced to either decrease or increase the strength of your workout.

Coming at a price tag of more than $100, the Facial Fitness PAO is the most expensive option on the list. If you’d like to try it, there are other similar devices, which include ZYL-beauty and Yiwa Face Muscles Training Roller, which is almost identical in design and how it works, but there’s no sufficient information about it.

Do Facial/Jawline Exercisers Work?

After seeing how jawline exercise balls and how their alternatives work so differently, the big question that remains is: do they work?

The answer depends on your expectations.

For example, if your goal is to build a well-defined jawline through strengthening the primary facial muscles, look no further than the JawlineMe and Jawzrsize.

On the other hand, if you want a slimmer facial appearance, tighten up sagging skin, tone the skin, you’ll need something else like the Facial Flex. Its clinical evidence is as impressive as it has shown to reduce facial skin sagging.

If you’d like to get multiple benefits with jawline exercisers, it’s advised you incorporate other techniques such as mewing and chewing mastic gum.

Final thoughts on Best Jawline Exercise Balls

While not scientifically approved devices, jawline exercise balls have proven to be effective amongst users who’ve tried them. However, for best results, it’s recommended that you incorporate other jawline/facial exercises such as facial exercises and proper tongue posture.

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