Best Jawline Exercises for Lean Face and Sharp Cheekbones

best jawline exercises

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Good news for beauty enthusiasts chasing the fountain of youth: science has finally confirmed what orthodontists and aestheticians have known all along- regular jawline exercises can make you look younger.

You may not need expensive Botox filled injections from your dermatologist because a 2018 study by Northwestern University found out that a 30 minute daily facial exercises can improve your facial appearance, make your skin look younger, and give your fuller and firmer jawlines. You’ll be surprised to know that people who participated in the study looked averagely three years young after five months of exercises as rated by dermatologists.

Jawline exercises

There are about 57 muscles in your face and neck that are probably neglected during your regular daily workout. Activating these muscles will not only make your jawline more defined but will also help you shed off excess fat and enhance cheekbones. In addition, studies have shown that men with defined physical trails like a lean face and prominent chiseled jawlines are deemed more attractive to the opposite sex. (Source)

About Jawline Tightening Exercises

Also known as chewing muscles, masticatory muscles are in charge of moving your lower jaw. They are four groups of muscles located around the jaw joints. According to Leena Kiviluoma, the author of Vital Face these muscles can exert over 150 pounds of force.

When the masseters on the left and right sides start to side, they affect the appearance of your jawline. To return to their “former glory,” you’ll need to perform isometric exercises. Below are some of best recommended jawline exercises you should try today.

Muscles That Are Worked Out By Mouth Exercisers

Before jumping into any jawline/mouth exercisers, it’s important to get an understanding of what muscles are worked out by mouth exercisers.

All facial and jawline exercise tools workout four muscles. The most important of these muscles are the masseter muscles. However, the masseter muscles work in collaboration with other three muscle groups.

Jawline exercises
Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Working out the masseter muscles not strengthens them but also results in defining jawline well. Because working out your mastication muscles pulls the entirety of your lower face, you’ll even notice that the skin under your chin and neck also tightens. Another added benefit is that you’ll be able to eliminate the effect of double chin. Like any other workout, working out your facial muscles means more oxygenation to your face thus giving you an attractive appearance.

The results of mouth and jawline exercisers are a tighter face and improved jawline profile.

Why Use a Facial Exerciser

The case of facial exerciser can be compared to traditional workout programs.  For example, while you can achieve six-packs and well-defined chest by only doing aerobic exercises, you can also fast track your workout journey by using dumbbells.

Although it’s possible to achieve a well-defined facial structure by simply chewing mastic gum, others will want the faster route, which can be achieved using exercisers. It’s all about understanding the method appropriate for you and how soon you want to achieve your desired results.

Jawline exercisers are more effective than merely chewing mastic gum or mewing. This is because they work out not only your jowls but also your neck and other parts of your face. In this way, jawline exercisers are more effective and help you fast track your journey to a defined facial structure.

Best Jawline Exercises

1. Roar like a lion

If you only have time to do one jawline exercise, roar like a lion to work all the facial and neck muscles. This technique will also help you deal with the effects of gravity on your jawline.

  • Sit upright and place your palms on your thighs.
  • Take a deep breath through your nose.
  • When exhaling, roll out your tongue out and downwards towards your chin and at the same time, roll your eyes upward.
  • Pause for 5-10 seconds and inhale again
  • Repeat this exercise a few times a day

This exercise will not only elevate nitric oxide levels in your body but will also lighten your mood.

2. Kiss the Sky

Pretending to kiss the sky will help return firmness to the jawline and neck hence reducing the look of saggy jowls. Follow the below steps to perform this technique.

  • Lift your chin and nod your head back.
  • When at peak position, swallow and at the same time, push the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
  • You can also tilt your head to the left, to the right interchangeably when performing kiss the ceiling/sky method.

3. Chew mastic gum

Chewing mastic gum plays a vital role in strengthening masseter muscles and activating other facial and neck muscles. The gum is resins extracted from the mastic tree and has been used since ancient Greece to aid digestion and freshen breath.

Mastic gum will not only help in strengthening jowls but helps promote digestive health. Some of the best recommendations include:

  • Nutricology Mastic Gum
  • Greek, Greek Chios (Xios) Mastic Gum

However, if you don’t like the taste of mastic gum, Falim gum is a great alternative. It’s sugar-free, unlike common gums, and it’s available in a variety of flavors you can choose from.

4. Try jawline exercisers (balls)

Consider Jawline exercisers as a mini-gym to help you strengthen the masseter and other facial and neck muscles.

Some of the best jawline exercisers include Jawzrsize and JawlineMe exerciser balls. They offer different resistance levels to help you fine-tune your masseter muscles and in so doing contribute to a well-defined jawline. They are handsfree workout tools meaning you can use them anywhere in your house, in your car, or when commuting.

Some great alternatives to jawline exerciser balls include:

  • Facial Flex- an FDA-registered class 1 medical device which has been considered as a non-invasive facelift. As stated in our previous article, Facial Flex is a fierce competitor to JawlineMe and Jawzrsize exercisers.
  • JawFit not only helps in exercising your jowls but also workout all the neck and facial muscles. It also works in reducing double chin and improving oral muscular strength.

5. Lip Pull Method

Here’s how you do the Lip Pull Method. You can do it when seated or standing. With your head in normal position, lift lower lip as much as you can by pushing the lower jaw out. You may feel a bit of tension, and tension builds up in the jawline and chin muscles. Maintain this posture for about 10-15 seconds and then relax.

Repeat the exercise for 10-15 minutes.

6. Jaw out mouth closed exercise

This exercise is simple and involves pushing your jaw out while lifting your lower lip. To start with, ensure your mouth is closed as you do this exercise. In this position, do it for 10-15 seconds, repeating it three times, and then relax. 

After completing the first round, repeat for other rounds. Do this 15 times and of course stopping after every round to give your jaw time to relax. This exercise will help in lifting the face and chin muscles, thereby exercising the jawline.

 Apply it regularly, and you will notice results after a few days. It’s essential to maintain a routine without fail. With time, you will see your jawline and the area under your chine has expanded.  

7. Vowel A, E, I, O, U

Have you noticed that after exclaiming a prolonged vowel A, you feel as though your chin and upper lip are stretching? The same happens when you shout all other vowels such as; E, I, O & U in a prolonged, loud and exaggerated way. 

What you may not know is that you are exercising your jaw. It is a simple and straightforward exercise and will help in improving your jawline. For effective results mention the six vowels in their order repeating it as many times as possible or as a hobby, and you will reap the benefits. Consequently, it will help the jawline to appear sharp and strong.     

8. Collar bone back up 

You can practice this exercise when in a sitting or lying position. When resting, put your head level with the floor, bringing it back and forth until you feel the muscles on either side of your throat.  

Your ears should always stay over your shoulders, and your head remains level while in a seated position with your legs firmly on the ground. Next, repeat the procedure at least three times to complete one round. Once done with the first round, proceed now to other than rounds. You can adopt a daily routine for this exercise.

9. Fish face  

Have you ever tried looking at an object say a mirror and making a fish face? Well, you can try this as a jaw exercise. You may feel some discomfort around the neck muscles, but this is a perfect way of tightening your cheekbones and the jawline. 

As an exercise, you may practice it while facing a camera or looking at a fixed object. Next, hold on to that position for a few seconds and keep repeating severally. You will feel some tiredness around the cheekbone and some stretching, and this will help in improving your jawline.  

Another way of creating a fish face is by sucking in your cheeks from the inside of your mouth. You can maintain this position by smiling. Then, hold on for a few seconds before relaxing. 

Similarly, you will feel a bit uncomfortable with a slight burn around your jawline muscles. It demonstrates that your muscles are reacting, which is okay. Practice it at home, especially when taking a shower or any other time for fun.

10. Tongue exercise

This exercise involves engaging the muscles beneath your chin. Start by moving your tongue to the roof of your mouth and behind your teeth. This movement will create tension in your tongue and consequently pull the jaw muscles.  

After that, activate the muscles by humming and making a vibrating sound. Repeat it thrice and do it 15 times. Also, incorporate the sting exercise to your daily exercise routine.

How do Jawline Exercises Help?  

Jawline exercises are crucial on a journey to a perfectly chiseled facial appearance. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. You need patience and dedication before noticing any positive results. For instance, it’s not easy estimating the duration within which you should chew gums to achieve your ideal jawline.

Although some people may struggle to achieve an excellent-looking jawline, it should not be a big concern since it requires commitment and a sense of self-appreciation. 

It might worry you if you notice a swollen turkey neck that causes a double chin. A look through the mirror might reveal the worst. Your neck has disappeared. Your once beautiful face is now totally altered, and this might have a psychological effect on you.  

Weight loss exercises will not achieve much as far as chiseled jawline is concerned. You may shed weight, yes, although your neck muscles might remain sagging.  

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