Best Mewing Results: Amazing Before and After Photos

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On YouTube and Social Media platforms, young people have posted videos and photos claiming they’ve changed their facial features after months of mouth and tongue exercises. But the big question is, does mewing actually work?

While there’s almost no “confirmed” scientific evidence that mewing works, those who’ve tried this mewing technique have reasons to celebrate. They claim that when done right and after weeks of proper tongue posture training, you should be able to see desirable results.

How’s this true?

This article will highlight some of the best mewing results and provide you with some of the best before and after mewing photos to let you decide whether this viral technique actually works.

What Is Mewing Transformation?

Mewing is a technique pioneered by Dr. Mike Mew. It’s a technique that preaches the need for proper tongue posture – pressing the front and back of your tongue against the mouth’s roof.

It’s important to note that mewing is a new concept. Though some research has been carried out, this technique hasn’t been fully agreed upon by the scientific community. However, Dr. Mike Mew and Prof. John have shared their scientific analysis of how mewing transformation takes place. If you want to learn the science behind this technique, you can follow their YouTube channel Orthotropics.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of incredible mewing transformations with before and after results so that you can see the effects mewing has had on genders, males, and females.

FAQs about the Mewing transformation?

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  • Does mewing improve jawline?
  • Does mewing hurt your jaw?
  • How long does mewing take to see results?
  • Is mewing permanent?
  • Does tongue position affect jawline?
  • Does mewing fix teeth?
  • How do you swallow mewing correctly?
  • Why is mewing so hard?
  • Does mewing hurt at first?
  • Does mewing work after puberty?
  • Can mewing worsen overbite?

Best Mewing Before and After Transformations Photos

Alright- enough talk for now! Let’s have a look into the progress photos we’ve collected on some of the best mewing results in both males and females. These mewing transformations range from one month to four months or one year, and the results are quite fascinating.

Mewing before and after improved tongue placement.
Mewing before and after improved tongue placement.

This photo from a Reddit user isn’t rather about mewing progress pictures. It’s taken after the before and immediately after the user correctly positioned her tongue. It’s clear evidence that proper tongue positioning can affect the overall facial structure.

One month of mewing

Mewing before and after - 1 month progress
Mewing before and after – 1 month progress

Above are photos after one-month mewing from an 18-year-old Reddit user. While lighting and facial positions are different from the two photographs, it’s clear that there’s some decent progress.

What’s more noticeable in the photos is clear jaw position. After a month, it appears that there’s some jawline definition that gives the lad an attractive look. If you examine carefully, the skin around the chin seems to be “tighter” after one month, which is proof that mewing also helps with sagging skin.

Mewing Transformation for a 17-year-old (after four months)

Mewing before and after - 4 month progress
Mewing before and after – 4 month progress

Who said mewing doesn’t work after puberty? Above is a photo from a 17-year-old Reddit user. Though the photos are taken with different lighting, you can see the difference in facial appearance. The photographs were taken at four months intervals.

To achieve such fantastic results, here’s what the user had to do:

  • Combined mewing with neck exercises
  • Chewed tough foods like nuts and meat
Mewing with neck exercises - Before and after
Mewing with neck exercises – Before and after

Not only does mewing help in improving the position of the maxilla and lower jawline, but it also helps in teeth alignment. Above are before and after photos comparison that shows an improvement in natural teeth alignment.

One year best mewing results

Mewing before and after results - 1 year
Mewing before and after results – 1 year

Above are photos of Woodland Wandering sharing her one year mewing transformations. She emphasizes that mewing helped her lower inflammation, heal her adrenals, and cure her depression.

The left is her newest photo while the middle is a six months update, and the right photograph was taken on 2018 Valentine’s Day. Some of the secrets she shares that have helped her in her mewing journey include:

  • Eating modified Keto
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Mewing

From the photographs above, it’s evident that the combinations of the three techniques have had significant impacts on her facial structure.

How Long Should You Wait to See Results

Mewing results aren’t time-bound, and they may differ based upon your age, facial structure, and other factors. Many people give up mewing after months of practice thinking it’s ineffective. Don’t ever give up because restructuring your facial takes time. Don’t expect results overnight, and remember it takes time, depending on a variety of factors mentioned above. It can take from as few as eight weeks up to one year to achieve desirable effects.

How to take Great Before and After Mewing Photos.

If you’re embarking on your facial transformation journey or workout of the sort, you probably want to have some great photos to measure your progress along the way.

To measure your progress, you’ll need high-quality photographs. Here’s how to avoid taking low quality photos.

  • Use the same light before and after.
  • Take before and after photos in the same position ( you can use markings on your wall, counter or desk to help orient yourself)
  • Always ask someone else to take the photographs for you. This way, they’ll be able to compare side by side and make sure that the lighting and photo angles are the same.

Final thoughts on Mewing Transformations

In case you feel that your mewing journey isn’t bearing any fruits, the above before and after photographs will help you stay motivated. You shouldn’t give up and never let anything or anyone demotivate you. Remember that several factors will affect how fast or slow you get to benefit from mewing.

Lastly, don’t forget to always breathe from the nose and not your mouth. That’s the crucial element after correct tongue posture. For best results, you can combine mewing with other facial workouts like chewing mastic gum or using jawline exercisers for best results — otherwise, good luck on your mewing journey.

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