Do Jawline Exercises Work?

Do Jawline Exercises Work

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There’s a not so popular saying from the millennial that “if it comes from the internet, it’s either scam/ rip-off.” I’ve discovered that many people take crap on this subject and go ahead to justify how much misleading information exists on the internet about how jawline workouts never work.

However, is this statement actually true?

We’ve already covered important workouts, such as chewing mastic gum that will help you achieved a well-defined jawline. If it’s your first time, we’ve got a comprehensive guide on jawline exercises in our blog.

If you want more clarification, please read on, as this article tries to investigate in detail the medical opinions and what medical professionals have to say about jawline exercises. Do they work?

Do Jawline Exercises Work?

While considered to mean the same, there is a clear distinction between facial and jawline exercises. Jawline workouts focus on the lower half of the face and neck and help in strengthening and slimming the jaw hence preventing sagging jowls.

According to Dr. Julie E Russak, the founder, and CEO of Russak Dermatology Clinic based in New York City, having a double-chin or sagging jowls is a major frustration amongst those who have lost considerable weight. Tightening the skin is the only answer to a well-defined jawline, and that can only be achieved through jawline exercises.

Dr. Charles Archer recently endorsed his jawline workout gadget dubbed Jawzrsize Jaw Exerciser as producing noticeable benefits. He has used the device himself and recommends it to patients who want a defined jawline in a few months. A YouTube video posted online by One Dapper Street confirms that jawline exercises work when done in the right way.

Jawline exercises have received attention from professional gym trainers, as well. According to an article published on, Rachel Lang, the co-founder of Face Love skin confirms that facial massage aids in improved blood circulation, improved skin tone, fewer wrinkles, and results to a firmer jawline.

 There’s a fatty layer under the skin called the subcutaneous layer. It decreases with age. The loss of these fatty tissues results in decreased firmness sagging the facial skin, however exercising the facial muscles lifts and tones the skin because the facial muscles are attached t the bone and your skin like a web that forms the shape of your face. Through facial training, Face Love Fitness founders claim that the muscles in the face become stronger hence enhancing appearance of the face.

Do Jawline Exercises Work?
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Facial exercises are great for everyone regardless of age, gender and race. They support and amplify what you already have giving you positive results and facial appearance you’ve always wanted.

Valeria Georgescu, the founder of Facial Activate Conscious Engagement (FACE), is a strong advocate of facial exercises. (Source)

Effects of Excessive Jawline Exercising

Are there any dangers associated with excessive jawline exercising? Like any other workout, excess jawline workouts come with its share of negative consequences. Because jawline is a form of corrective therapy, overdoing it can result in abnormal changes in facial architecture. In addition it can cause sagging similarly to how excessive chest workouts can result in sagging muscles.

The best way to achieve a well-defined jawline without the risk of overdoing it is through chewing mastic gum. You’ll not only strengthen your jowls but also get other health benefits associated with mastic gum. You can also try the mewing technique, as explained in our previous article here.

Final Thoughts on Jawline Exercises

While jawline exercises actually work, it’s essential always to be careful about precisely how you perform these workouts. Excessive and exaggerated facial exercises can make the skin crease, wrinkles, and jaw pain and in extreme cases “deformed face.” Work your masseter muscles in modesty and don’t overdo it. For men, achieve a defined jawline couldn’t be easier. However, for women, it should be done in style and probably incorporate other facial exercises so that you don’t end up with overly masculine jawlines.

While the scientific community hasn’t reached an agreement on whether jawline exercises are the way to go, it’s a viable method for those who want a defined jawline without undergoing surgery. Jawline exercises can be considered as DIY corrective therapy you can achieve at home, unlike expensive surgeries.

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