Face Pulling: Does it Work or Is It a Myth?

Face Pulling

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Just like mewing, face-pulling is a technique that promises a well-defined facial structure. It’s a method that many people claim that it’s capable of adjusting the skull by hands through expanding mandible, maxilla and intermolar width.

Face pulling technique involves the use of your hands to apply pressure that will alter your facial appearance. According to users in an online community, this process can change the shape of your skull over time, and it’s more effective than mewing or chewing mastic gum. The idea behind this technique is that the junctions connecting the skull can be split apart when force is applied therefore allowing for more bone growth in the face. Because many people suffer from recession and orthodontic are out of people’s budget reach, these DIY techniques, if proven successful can dramatically change your facial appearance, boost your confidence and quality of life.

Let’s have a closer look at face pulling and how it works.

How To Do Face Pulling.

What You’ll Need

The best face-pulling device is your hands, and the technique can be achieved in multiple ways.

One of the most recommended techniques involves sitting down at a desk. Place your elbows on the desk and anchor your fingers to your forehead and then tuck in your chin to your neck. Use your thumbs to apply pressure on your inner side of the molars, gums, and palate. You can apply pressure directly or rotating your thumbs to these areas. It’s recommended you do this for 2-3 minutes every hour for the next five days and then rest for 10-12 days because your sutures need enough time to heal. Don’t overdo this technique because you end up impacting permanent physical damage to yourself.

One online community member claimed that while the technique is not fun, it does produce desired results. The user was able to increase their intermolar with from 40mm to 45mm.

After doing face pulls for five days, you should take a rest. A lot of users claim to have experienced fatigue after their first-week face pulling. You shouldn’t overwork yourself. Rest is very important if you need to achieve actual results. Fatigue is normal, and your skull needs time to heal.

Recommended face-pulling products and supplements

Vitamin K2 Mk4

Users online have suggested supplementing face pulling with Vitamin K2 Mk4. Vitamin K2 is good for bone mineral density and also allows for bone growth. Menatetrenone aka Mk4 is the recommended form for Vitamin K2 thanks to its high absorption rate.

You can get Relentless Improvement K2 Mk4, which has the recommended dosage rate. Each pill contains full dosage of 15mg, and one bottle contains 90 capsules.

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Reverse Pull Headgear

A Facepuller is a device designed to pull the maxilla up and forward to help the user achieve a more defined facial structure. The concept behind the device is to apply more pressure on the maxilla to achieve faster results than you can achieve with tongue alone.

A forward maxilla is desirable as it makes the cheekbones more define and provides enhanced support for the eyes enlarges the airway and helps with facial asymmetries.

The MewVector

This is a gadget designed by Dr. Mike Mew to help achieve maxillary protraction. The device is used on both children and adults and only available at Dr. Mike’s clinic in London.

The Sky Hook was a device used to treat a 32-year woman for maxillary protraction. You can find more details about this study in this article.

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