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Female jawline

Having a sharp jawline has been a beauty trend for the longest time. Most women wish to have a sharp jawline with supermodel cheekbones.

However, before deciding to do anything about your jawline, you must know that your genetic factors mainly determine your jawline’s shape.

If you would like to have a sharp jawline, you can make some simple lifestyle changes and perform jawline exercises that will bring you closer to your preferred jawline.

The jaw muscle is the same as most muscles in the body. It can easily be toned with consistent effort and hard work.

Most experts advise that you work out to lose the overall fat in your body and after which you will need to perform some face exercises to get the best results.

Having an unhealthy lifestyle like eating junk food frequently and not having regular physical exercise will contribute to developing a double chin and having a puffed face, which makes your jawline much broader.

Ways to Get a Sharp Jawline

Massage Your Face

Face massage

It would be best if you massaged your face daily to make your skin firm and tight. Massaging improves the blood circulation in your facial muscles, which puts forward a beautiful glow.

Ensure that you take some time during your skincare routine and try a simple massage routine with your preferred oil or moisturizer.

Use your fingers and move through your face in circular motions. Make sure you massage the temple in the same way.

Then you will need to rub your cheekbones. You will start by clenching your fists so that you can use your knuckles to do the massage.

Then rub your cheekbones in a circular motion. Always massage your face in an upward motion from your chin to your cheekbones because it will prevent your skin from sagging.

Consume Less Salt

Table salt contains sodium that helps retain water in the body. Consuming a lot of salt will retain a lot of water in your body, which will make you look and feel bloated.

If you are trying to lose some pounds, you will need to lower the salt you take to achieve the best results.

Do Facial Exercises

Like any other part of the body, you will be required to exercise regularly to have a sharp jawline. Jawline exercises are pretty straightforward. You do not need any tools, you can do them anywhere and at any time.

There are many exercises to tone your facial skin, and most are pretty fun to do. Here are a few exercises you can try out for the best results.


Girl smiling

Smiling brightens up your face and helps exercise your facial muscles which in turn helps improve your jawline. When you smile, you extend your cheekbones. So don’t forget to make that huge smile often.

Do The Fish Face

To do the fish face, you will need to repeatedly suck your cheeks from the inside of your mouth and try smiling and holding the position for 5 seconds for every repetition.

Ensure you feel just a little uncomfortable at the end of each rep to indicate that you have effectively stretched your muscles.

Making Vowel Sounds

While making vowel sounds, you will target the muscles around your mouth and the sides of your lips.

You will need to say “O” and “E” “with your mouth open while exaggerating the sounds and movements while not touching or showing your teeth.


Girl with chin up

With the chin-up, you will need to lift your face and chin muscles. You do this exercise by pushing your lower jaw outwards while lifting your lower lip to build a stretch under the chin and the jawline.

Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and then relax for three sets with 15 repetitions.

Neck Curl up

Performed the same as an abdominal curl-up but for your neck. You will need to lie on your back.

Then with the tongue pressed on the roof of your mouth to help activate the front neck muscles. You will need to:

• Bring your chin towards your chest, then lift your head off the ground for about 2 inches

• Start with three sets for ten repetitions and then scale up as you get more comfortable with the exercise.

Collar Bone Backup

You can perform this exercise while standing, being seated, or when lying down on your back.

You will need to:

  • Make sure that your head is in level with the floor, and then bring your head back several inches to feel the muscles in both sides relax and contract
  • Do three sets with ten repetitions at first, then gradually increase the sets


contour tutorial

Contouring is the easiest way to achieve a sharp jawline and supermodel cheekbones. With this method, all you have to do is darken the area you want to hide with contour and highlight the places you want to be more visible.

There are many tutorials online that will help you follow the correct contouring procedure to create the illusion of a sculpted face. Make sure that you blend your product correctly to achieve a more natural look.

Drink More Water

If your body retains toxins, it will show on your face. Drinking enough water will prevent dehydration and will also help flush out toxins from your body.

When you regularly flush out toxins from your body, you are guaranteed a toned face and a youthful appearance.

Chew Gum Often

Girl chewing gum

Funny, right?! Chewing gum is the easiest way for you to exercise your facial muscles because it involves a lot of jaw movement that helps tone the area.

It is pretty fun and takes the slightest effort to do on this list.

Clench Your Jaw

To get a sharp jawline, try clenching your jaw for just 10 seconds and then release it. Make sure you feel some discomfort and burn to ascertain that it is working.

Do this at least ten times consistently to have your face tone up.


If you follow the above suggestions, you are guaranteed an attractive jawline in no time. But also remember to love yourself even with all your perfect imperfections as you try to get your perfect jawline. Stay happy and beautiful.

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