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male with sharp jawline

For most men having a sharp jawline signifies some manliness. A strong jawline will have you looking better and making you feel more confident.

According to Hemingway novels, a well-defined jawline is an indicator of attractiveness even if there is a lot more to consider when calling a man attractive.

A sharp jawline can give a man more sex appeal, according to studies done by Nature communications. It is an indicator of more testosterone with a stronger immune system which naturally attracts potential partners.

sharp jawline and an angular chin are known to project power and attractiveness.

While genes play an important role in the shape of your face, there are few things you can do to enhance the condition of your jawline. You might not be blessed with a celebrity’s jawline, but there is a lot you could do to boost your jawline to look sharper and more muscular.

Here are some of the things you can do to have a chiseled jawline.

Choose A Hairstyle That Compliments Your Jawline.

male with sharp jawline

Choose a style that will elongate your face. Ensure that you keep your sides tight while adding volume to the top to help enhance the shape of your face.

 Please stay away from hairstyles that make your sides fuller because they will add roundness to your face.

Even with little hair, make sure you keep the sides tight and make the best of what you have.

Make Your Facial Hair More Defined

male with a full beard

You can achieve a defined jawline by adding a light shade to your jawline. This will make it appear darker and hence more defined.

You can use clippers and play around to get the best length for the face of your face shape.

Add A Goatee

You could choose to adopt a goatee. A goatee is the easiest way to make a difference in the shape and contour of your face. It will help elongate your face and chin.

Ensure you keep both sides of the goatee even and play around with different portions to have the best effect on your face.

Grow Out Your Beard

When you decide to grow your beard fully, make sure you do not grow it all around. Make sure that you keep your sides tight to help elongate your chin.

Color Your Beard

You can color your beard to have uniform darkness, which adds definition to the face. It is best to have an expert do this to make sure you do not mess it up.

Reduce Sodium Intake

To get rid of any puffiness in your face hiding your jawline, you need to reduce the amount of salt you take. This means cutting back on junk food, salty crisps and avoid adding extra salt to your food.

Also, make sure that you drink more water to make your face less bloated.

Lose The Excess Body Fat

Man exercising

When you lose the extra body fat you have, your face will automatically look better and your jawline more defined.

Regular body exercise and eating healthy will fully tone your body. We know that this is not the easiest thing to do, but it is the best way to have a chiseled jawline.

You can try to have a plant-based diet for just a month to see excellent results. It is reported that people lose a lot of weight through this diet and feel more energetic while on it.

plant based

While trying to exercise, incorporate both strength exercises and cardio for the best results. Working out is not just great for your jawline, but it leads to better posture; your clothes will fit better, and you will eventually feel stronger and healthier.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is one of the most fun and easiest ways to improve your jawline definition. While chewing, you work the muscles around your neck and jawline, and it helps tighten up the whole jawline and chin area.

Jawline Exercises

These are easy to do exercises that you can do anywhere without having any equipment. You could do them in the morning while lying in bed or even while resting after a long day of work.

You might look and feel a little silly while doing them, so you might want to do them when you are alone.

Jaw Clenching

You will need to clench and hold your teeth together for at least 3 seconds while using a special mouth guard that your dentist will give you.

This exercise works your jaw area. You will need to do three sets with ten repetitions.

Making Vowel Sounds “O” and “E”

While making vowel sounds, you will target the muscles around your mouth and the sides of your lips.

You will need to say “O,” and “E” with your mouth open while exaggerating the sounds and movements while not touching or showing your teeth.


Male chin

With the chin-up, you will need to lift your face and chin muscles. You do this exercise by pushing your lower jaw outwards while lifting your lower lip to build a stretch under the chin and the jawline.

Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and then relax for three sets with 15 repetitions.

Neck Curl up

 Performed the same as an abdominal curl-up but for your neck. You will need to lie on your back. 

Then with the tongue pressed on the roof of your mouth to help activate the front neck muscles.

You will need to:

• Bring your chin towards your chest, then lift your head off the ground for about 2 inches

• Start with three sets for ten repetitions and then scale up as you get more comfortable with the exercise.

Collar Bone Backup

You can perform this exercise while standing, being seated, or when lying down on your back. 

You will need to:


Genetics indeed plays a significant role in the shape of your jawline, but there are many things you could do to improve the shape of your jawline drastically.

What are you struggling with?

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