Mewing Mouthpieces

Mewing Mouthpieces

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Mewing mouthpieces are devices that are placed in the mouth to help an individual mew better. Mewing is an oral posture that is growing in popularity.

Your cheeks, tongue, and lips play a significant role in the development of your facial structures. This means that if you have a receding chin, crooked teeth, or a poorly developed mid-face, you will have a problem with your facial features.

What Is Mewing?

Mewing is an oral posture technique that Dr.Mike Mew developed, an orthodontist. Mewing offers guidance on the proper tongue placement. It helps your jawline muscles and tongue muscles move in synchrony for better health and better breathing.

Mewing retrains your brain to alter your current face position and tongue postures by placing the rest of your tongue on the roof of the mouth just between the molars.

In short, the tip of your tongue should be placed behind your front teeth, down the palate ridge, and then the back of the tongue on the soft palate. This means that the whole of your tongue should occupy the roof of your mouth.

Placing the tongue on the floor of the mouth destabilizes the upper and lower jaw forced. This not only results in crooked teeth but also develops a longer facial profile and a hunched position.

Mewing is a corrective form of therapy that helps place the tongue back in position. Different oral appliances assist in mewing techniques. These mewing mouthpieces are prescribed based on the need of the patient.

Types Of Mewing Mouthpieces

Mewing mouthpieces will help improve your mewing techniques and help improve your facial features and oral posture. Here are the different mewing mouthpieces available in the market today.

Mewing Appliance

The Mewing Appliance device will help you maintain the tongue posture more consistently. When it is in your mouth, the device will train your tongue to stay in position.

It becomes very uncomfortable when your tongue drops from your palate.

The Daytime Nighttime Appliance (DNA Appliance)

Girl with a mewing mouthpiece
Girl with a mewing mouthpiece

If you have jaw pain, grinding teeth, and restless nights, it will be hard for you to practice mewing. This is where the DNA Appliance comes in. It helps to improve your mouth and airway functionality while improving the aesthetic of your facial structure and smile.

How does the DNA Appliance Work?

The DNA Appliance works almost the same as the traditional retainer. It is typically worn through the night to help shape your teeth the same way a retainer works.

It works by gently guiding your teeth, facial structures, and jaw into their ideal positions.

It uses your natural genes to enhance the growth of your genes in the right way to make sure that your teeth are straight. It corrects overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

The DNA Appliance provides the same results are braces but in a shorter period while being less invasive.

The Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (FAGGA)

Appliance installation

If your teeth have a crescent arrangement, it will be hard for you to practice mewing. The FAGGA is used to expand the upper arch of your jaw to help shape your teeth.

 How Does The FAGGA Work?

The FAGGA is a non-removable appliance attached to the back of your teeth and gently applies pressure to the nasopalatine never that runs through the palate. The force applied helps the growth of the upper jaw and allows the lower jaw to move forward.

This helps create room for the crowded teeth and help open up the airway, help enlarge the airway while assisting them in moving forward.

This process is done in two phases and can take anywhere between 14 and 25 months to complete. The first phase is characterized by wearing the FAGGA for about seven months. During the second phase, you will have to wear controlled braces to ensure that the teeth move to the correct positions.

The second phase can take about 18 months. The best part about using the FAGGA is that you can expand your jaw without needing surgery. All surgeries come with a risk that is better to avoid. A well-aligned jaw will help you practice mewing much better and improve your facial features.

Palatal Expanders For Mewing

Palate expanders

Palate expanders slowly expand the roof of your mouth, where you should place your tongue while mewing. It widens the jaw when it’s too narrow. A narrow jaw lacks adequate room for tooth alignment, which causes crooked and overlapping of the teeth.

How Do Palatal Expanders Work?

Palate expanders have two halves attached at the top back molars and from both sides of the jaw. The two halves connect with a screw that sits on the roof of the mouth.

After installation, you will be given a turn screw that you will be required to rotate on a specified schedule. This will keep pressure on both halves of the jaw, causing them to move wider apart.

Palate expanders are custom made whereby your orthodontist will take an impression of your upper jaw and teeth. The impression will be sent to the lab to make an expander that fits your mouth perfectly.

Types of Palate Expanders

There are different types of expanders. Your orthodontist will generally decide the style you need to treat your jaw.

Removable Palate Expanders

If your jaw requires a small amount of widening, then your orthodontist will recommend a removable palate expander.

They are worn for 24 hours a day except while eating, brushing teeth, or playing sports. You may need to turn the screw twice or thrice every week instead of daily or twice in a day.

Hyrax Rapid Palatal Expander

This is a fixed palate expander that has bands designed to fit snugly around back molars. The bands are glued into place on the teeth while securing the expander in place.

Quad Helix Appliance

This is a fixed expander that is glued on the back molars. They are placed in the mouth in a compressed position.

It gently opens up on its own and does not require any manual adjustment at home.

Haas Expander

This is a fixed expander that is bonded to the back molars. It has a screw fitted in the middle of an acrylic plate that expands when adjusted. It puts pressure on the teeth and palate.

Appliance to Improve Tongue Posture

A man smiling with tongue appliance

This appliance works by creating more room for mewing and helps improve the posture of your tongue. It works by changing the bite, so it does not focus on the back teeth.

This appliance raises the back teeth slightly and acts as a fulcrum to bring down the condyle from the disk.


The mentioned mewing pieces will help improve the shape of your jawline. It is, however, essential to get them prescribed by a professional so that you can get one customized for your needs.

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