JAWLINER 2.0 – medium – one pair


This package contains:

  • JAWLINER 2.0 – medium – one pair + mint flavor
  • short instructions of right usage + jawline workout plan


The JAWLINER is a powerful tool for regular exercise sessions. By chewing on it strongly you train and increase your jaw muscles. This enforces a defined jawline and thus a more confident and sexy look.

The JAWLINER 2.0 (medium) is the further development of the JAWLINER 1.0 and has been developed for professional jawline training after beginners level.
The ergonomic fit consisting of 100% BPA and PVC free food grade silicone* has been improved to provide a firmer grip and a stronger bite.
The improved material guarantees longer use without losing power and strength.
The longer shape and the missing holes provide higher resistance when biting and result in a more powerful workout.

The JAWLINER 2.0 (medium) is an powerful training rubber but also suitable for beginners. We sell it to all those who want an increase in training intensity.

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