Pheremone cologne & perfume

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Ignite the natural instincts of affection with a subtle spray of pheromone cologne/perfume that can last for up to 5h per day.

  • Feel more confident.
  • Have the person that you desire feel more attracted to you.

Shelf life: three years

Specification: 10ml

Suitable for skin type: Any skin type


  • This is a pheromone-containing perfume that can appeal to women/men.
  • It is not only a perfume, but also contains sex pheromone, just like what humans produce naturally.
  • This pheromone-infused perfume will appeal to your partner’s senses.
  • Men/women feel these pheromones and become defenseless against your tricks.
  • Irresistible and breathtaking, the truly sexy fragrance embodies the happiness of budding attraction.

How to use the pheromone.

Unscrew the bottle cap, gently shake an appropriate amount of it on the armpits, chest, ears, neck or wrists, etc., it will be effective in a few minutes, lasting about 5-8 hours


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Package Includes:

1*pheromone perfume


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